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European sports teams are dominated time and time again in Forbes’ list of most valuable sports teams by their American counterparts despite having bigger, global audiences. ITW Core’s Devanshu Bhatt explores why their valuations diverge. The fallout from the war in Ukraine has had an impact on sport, but none more salient than what’s unfolding...
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How IPL franchises are building sponsor revenue streams that help them diversify apart from the central pool and why that’s the model of the future. ITW Core’s Devanshu Bhatt explains the evolution that seems to be mirroring an international trend.  Manchester City are in a virtuous cycle. They seem to be leading the race for...
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Sports and sporting events are peerless when it comes to their ability to fuel passion and ignite a sense of community. Clearly, this is not lost on sponsors who spent to the tune of $46 billion in 2019, trying to capitalize on the emotional rub off effects of fans for their brands. But there is...
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