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From being something only sporting nerds cared about, sports analytics is poised to become a business all on its own. ITW Core’s Devanshu Bhatt explores how the eco system has evolved and what lies in store. Nowadays, it is hard to escape talk of Expected Goals or xG in footballing circles. However, football is far...
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Bengaluru, 3rd September 2021: As Sri Lanka takes on South Africa on home soil, Cycle Incense and Daraz were unveiled as the Title Sponsor and the Powered By Sponsor respectively for the series at a press conference on 1st September. The limited overs series, consisting of 3 ODIs and 3 T20Is commenced on 2nd September,...
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How the IPL became a TV juggernaut is not an accident. ITW Core’s Vidushi Bhandari looks ahead to its 2020 edition and how, amidst a pandemic, it gears to push the viewership benchmark even higher. In a country consisting of 1.3 billion people and 800+ channels, the competition to attract viewership remains arduous. But the...
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